Herniated Disc, Low Back Pain, Sport Injury, Asthma

Ladera Family & Sports Chiropractic

Look Mom, No Inhaler!

Thank you for helping our family so much.  Although my husband and I came in for a herniated disc and a painful lower back, you also treated our daughters and son who suffered from heavy school backpacks, a horseback riding injury and asthma.

We were so happy to find that alleviating pressure on our son's nerves could help prevent his asthma attacks.  He has not been hospitalized since having his back adjusted and his asthma symptoms have minimized to the extent that he hasn't had to use his inhaler or needed steroids (except on one occasion when he had bronchitis, and even then the time on his inhaler was one and one-half days instead of three days to one week).  I'm so glad that your approach is preventative and that you treat the whole family.

We feel so much healthier, and your staff is awesome, too!

The Ike Family